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Have you ever wanted to explore some places which are off the beaten track? Places away from the usual tourist traps? There are some incredible destinations which are as good as, if not even better than those tourist places which get inundated with floods of people. Instagrammable alternatives we could call them! Let’s discover some of the best kept travellers secrets.

Light It Up

Everyone who is everyone seems to want to witness the Northern Lights. And why not. They are spectacular. Wonderful lights dancing across the sky in unbelievable colours. But did you know there is also the Southern Lights? It’s basically exactly the same but in the Sourthern hemisphere. You can’t get quite as close to them from a mainland location but they can still potentially be seen. The tips of Australia, New Zealand or Chile are ideal but head to the islands of the Southern Ocean for the best chances. Proper travellers secrets! The Northern Lights are the popular place so why not head to the less popular place where you can see stunning displays too?

The Original, Not The New

Did you know that the Taj Mahal, in many ways, was based on another building? There was a, kind-of prototype! Makes you wonder why so many people queue up to enter the wonder of the world every day. Instead of join the queue, check out the red-stone arches and bulbous dome of Humayun’s Tomb. Escape the hustle and bustle of Delhi, enjoy the grounds, take in the gardens, witness the 16th century architecture without so many of the crowds. You might even be able to get a decent photograph without someone else’s head in the shot!

Witness The Waters

Did you know that more people visit Venice every day during the summer months than actually live there? Many of them are just day trippers there for the photos who don’t really bring that much cash into the city itself. Some travellers who hate the crowds but love the location are looking for alternative locations. They may have found one in Annecy in France. The ‘Pearl of the French Alps’ as it’s known has the Thiou river and canal waters running through old town. You can take in the waterside markets, walk the narrow streets and cross the waters via little bridges as well as drifting along the stunning waters. On top of that though, and try doing this ins Venice, you can access mountains or alpine lakes.

A Catalonia Alternative

Barcelona is a wonderful place and the home of some fantastic things to experience. The capital of Catalonia is pretty special but it has millions of visitors every year. Where can you go to get that fix of cobbled lanes, courtyards and wonderful views? Head to Girona, which is 100km from Barcelona and you’ll discover 14th-century city walls with brilliant cafes, a stunning cathedral and spectacular views over to the Pyrenees. Everything you love about Barcelona without the 32 million tourists who visit every year.

Dive In Differently

If you love the ocean and are a keen diver, the Great Barrier Reef is likely on your bucket list. However, with so many people having the same thought, the dream destination is becoming affected. Looking for an alternative takes you to the other side of Australia and the Ningaloo Reef. It’s one of the longest near-shore reefs in the world and the world’s largest fringing reef system! Snorkel with humpbacks, sharks, manta rays and turtles. The Ningaloo Reef won’t be one of the travellers secrets for long!

Change The Game

It’s down to Game Of Thrones and dirt cheap flights that have forced the local authorities to enforce a maximum of 4000 visitors per day to Dubrovnik in Croatia. The popularity is obvious and the views are incredible from this clifftop location. However there are other places which are similar, without the tourists and capped visitors. Óbidos in Portugal is a hilltop town with white washed facades, cobbled streets and amazing views. The highest point is the castle which is now accommodation. A stay here would allow you to witness the town going to sleep after most of the visitors have retreated home. As well as witness the next day begin, as the sun rises over the medieval churches and the pastry shops open for business.

There are so many places which we can explore and enjoy without adding our feet onto overly touristy destinations. There are alternatives for Petra in Jordan, the Colosseum of Rome and even the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. Have a great time discover some travellers secrets!