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If you’re on holiday, travelling the world, backpacking through your gap year or jet setting across the globe, if you’re tweeting your trip, you want to be seen. Get your travel hashtags game on point and you’ll see your interaction and engagement rate rise and grow your following. Let’s look at some hashtags for travel.

Before Your Tags

Let’s consider your content before we even start looking at your hashtags. You need to give any potential followers a reason to follow you. Your photography needs to be top notch and your surrounding copy needs to be on point. Tell a story, give details about where you’re going, who you are and the travels thus far. If you want people to hop on your exploration with you, let them into your life, fully. Real stories full of personality. Get all of this in place before you start adding travel hashtags and people will follow your journey.

Know Your Social Network

Different social networks allow you to use different amounts of hashtags in your posts. Instagram limits you at thirty and you can put as many as you can fit into Facebook and Twitter posts. However there is also a certain etiquette you should try to follow. Flooding your posts with loads of hashtags can look very spam-like. Twitter etiquette suggests two or three tags in your tweets and Instagram is similar. To get around this you can drop your hashtags a few links below the text you type about your gram or pop the tags in a reply to the post. Get to know where you are posting and do you best to not put people off.

Pick Your Travel Hashtags

Next up is figuring out which hashtags to use. There are obvious ones like #travel and #travelling but you also need to make sure you tag in the location you’re visiting. This will help people to find your images when they look for a specific location. If you’re posting on a Tuesday, which might be an idea to keep up every week with #traveltuesday. This will help you create structure to your content and also show your audience that you are posting regularly. #travelgram is perfect for Instagram as are #backpacking and #solotraveller if you’re exploring the world with your belongings on your back. One of the big hashtags for travel is #wanderlust. This is perfect for thos incredible locations where you just fall into the landscape, lose yourself in the view and witness stunning sights. Be sure to add some specific travel hashtags too. If you’re at a waterfall use #waterfall. #TTOT (travel talk on Twitter), #TRLT (the road less travelled) and #TWWT (the way we travel) are also worth using. #LP stands for Lonely Planet and #RTW is round the world. Other words and phrases you could tag include adventure, travelpics and letsgoeverywhere.

Get It Out There

Now you’ve got your hashtags for travel in place you need to submit your post. Hit publish and then go enjoy the rest of your day. Don’t get too hung up on keeping tabs on people replying. Put your phone away and enjoy the journey. Give yourself some time every day to upload photos and reply to messages but don’t forget that you’re travelling! Social media can sometimes get in the way so make sure if you’re posting about travel, you’re actually doing some of it as well.