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Travelling is a great way to discover who you are, see the world and open your mind. Lots of us do this with friends, partners or loved ones but have you ever considered traveling alone? If you want to get away from it all and enjoy some independence, or you’ve simply found yourself in a situation where you have no one to travel with, there are some amazing singles holidays for you to enjoy!

Travelling Alone

People travel by themselves for many reasons and even though some may find it strange, there’s nothing odd about it. People end up by themselves for many reasons. Perhaps their travelling partner or loved one has died by but they want to continue to see the sights and enjoy the road trips for the both of them. Maybe it’s some self care time where you just want to be by yourself and discover who you are. It could well be the fact that they’re a bit of a lone wolf and don’t have many friends but have never let that hold them back. For whatever reason you consider travelling alone, you are brave to do it. Having to rely solely on your own decision making and venture into unknown lands on your own is extremely courageous.

Single Travel Surcharge

Some travel companies see single travelers as a negative and often put a single person surcharge. This, I don’t think, should be something they do and there are in fact some specific companies who don’t because they don’t think it’s right either. Your best bet is to find one of those singles holidays companies who see each traveler as an individual and don’t charge you extra for being by yourself. They specialise in it and actually help aid single person travel. The single charge surcharge should be abolished. It really shouldn’t matter who we travel with, or don’t travel with. We should be encouraging getting out and enjoying the world.

Meet New Friends

One of the great things about travelling by yourself is all the potential new friends you might be. They could be travel partners for a few days or week or even become lifelong friends. With social media you can keep in touch and see where each of your travels are taking you. You might have to push that bravery a little further and push yourself out the box. Have the confidence to speak to strangers but you never know just who you might meet. If you’re on the lookout for love, you might even find someone to travel with long term!

Solo Adventure Is Waiting

From travelling the world with a backpack to enjoying relaxing by the pool in the sunshine, there are singles holidays for everyone. Some may be to helping you as a solo traveler enjoying an adventure. Others might connect you with other single people with the hope of romance blossoming. Where will you be heading to? Will it be a short train trip or a long haul flight? Whatever you’re looking for on your solo adventure, be sure to embrace chances, open your eyes and enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.