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The coast in Guernsey

Including things to do on a day trip in Guernsey

There are so many things to do in Guernsey while you’re on holiday regardless of your age. For many people, it’s guernsey’s slow pace of life that draws them in. It may seem like a small island but Guernsey as a travel destination offers so much local history and stunning coastlines.

If you love spending time outside then this really is the holiday spot for you. It’s perfect for families, couples or the older generation looking for something different to do.

Having a holiday in Guernsey can seem a bit overwhelming if you’ve never been before. It’s not part of the UK but feels like holidaying at home as you can still your pounds.

Nothing can prepare you for its stunning beaches, coastline and different attractions though. You can guarantee that you will eat well while there so get ready for a great holiday!

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How to get to the channel islands

Like Jersey, you can catch a boat from Poole or fly from any airport across the UK. We love taking the ferry as it means the kids get to run about and explore while we sail.

Our beginner 5 top tips for traveling to the channel islands are:

  1. Weigh up the pros and cons of flying vs sailing. We love sailing because it means we can take the car. If you don’t mind hiring one or catching a bus then you may be ok.
  2. If you decide to sail then book your seats beforehand. We found sitting at the front or back the best as it meant the kids could see everything.
  3. Check for updates on Twitter. Any bad weather can affect the sailing across or even halt it in till the weather improves.
  4. Go straight to St Peter Port (where you get off the ferry) and grab yourself a parking pass. There’s a small charge but that’s the only time you pay for parking so it’s worth it.
  5. You can drive on the flat curbs. It’s weird but the roads are so thin in Guernsey. To pass each other it sometimes means one of you has to mount the low curb.

Whatever you are looking for things to do in Guernsey while on holiday or just pick through these ideas while on your day trip, we promise that there’s plenty to do for ages. 

41 Things to do in Guernsey on Holiday

Guernsey is a great place to visit with or without kids. Grab the ferry and bring your car to this lovely island and start exploring. From stunning beaches to cliff top walks Guernsey has something for everyone.

Tourist Information

Visit the tourist information in the center of town and get a self-guided map that shows you the best historic places in town. They offer free information and can point you to local hotspots.

Castle Cornet

If you can only do one thing then do Castle Cornet. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon and is perfect for all ages. The sea views alone are a must!

St Peter Port

The views of St Peter Port are stunning. Walk the whole distance or take a bus up and down the main strip to enjoy the coastline first hand.

Cafe on the Pier

There’s loads of little cafe’s throughout St Peter Port but try one just on the pier. It has the best views!

The Old Government House Hotel

Enjoy afternoon tea in The Old Government House Hotel. It looks out over St Peter Port and offers the best views!

Hauteville House

Have a guided tour around Hauteville House home to Victor Hugo.

St Pierre Park

City travelers might like the spa! Try St Pierre Park for a chilled out day.

Candie Gardens

Visit Candie Gardens as they give you a clear view of the port.

St Peter Port Market

Walk around St Peter Port town center and the market. The buildings alone are beautiful.

Boat Spotting

If you love boats whatever the size then St Peter’s Port is for you. There’s so many in port, especially in the summer months.


Try coasteering or rock scrambling while by the sea.

St James Concert Hall

St James Concert Hall offers all ages a different range of activities and plays.

Victoria Tower

Victoria Tower is hard to get too but so worth it. It’s one of the tallest points in St Peter Port.

Military Museum

The Military Museum offers World War One and two exhibitions and details about the German Occupation of Guernsey.

Ride on a RIB

If the weather is good to try jumping on the local RIB.

Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods is a short walk from St Peter Port and is stunning in the summer months.

St Martin

Not far from St Peter Port is St Martin. Perfect for adults who love a relaxing spa treatment.

Local Food

Try the local catch of the day while enjoying the view of the bay.

Bella Luce

If you like gin then try Bella Luce in St Martin.

Visit Cobo

On the other side of the Island is Cobo. Go surfing or enjoy the stunning beach in all weathers.

Visit a Beach

Cobo is a sandy beach next to loads of family assessable amenities. There are loads to do, eat and see in Cobo.

Talk a Stroll

Walk the length of the bay. There’s plenty of food hubs and shops to keep you busy.

Watch The Sun Go Down

Watch the sun go down over Cobo Bay. There’s loads of parking if you just want to sit in your car and enjoy the view.

Visit Vale

A little further on is Vale. If you like golf then this is the place to shoot some holes.

Have a Game of Bowls

They also have a bowls stadium

Try Paddleboarding

Try paddleboarding with a local instructor at most of the local beaches.

Guided Walks

There are so many guided trails and walks it’s hard to pick a favorite. Pick a rugged trail and explore.

The Fairy Ring

Search out The Fairy Ring and make a wish.

Rent a Bike

Grab your bike and explore. There are loads of bike safe trials in Guernsey for all abilities.

Visit Guernsey Candles.

Guernsey Candles is a cute little shop that makes candles while you watch. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

The Little Chapel

The Little Chapel is a must for everyone! It’s free to visit and it decorated with pebbles. It will take your breath away!

Visit Sark

Catch a ferry to Sark which has zero traffic!

Take a Horse and Cart Ride

Hire a bike to travel around Sark or even have a horse and cart ride.

Have Dinner on Sark

Stay for dinner for the most stunning views.

Visit Herm

Try Herm, a small boat trip away.

Herm’s Gardens

Visit as many of Herm’s award-winning gardens as you can.

Relax on the Beach

Herm also offers sandy beaches as far as you can see.

Oatlands Village

If you have kids then Oatlands village is a must! It has a HUGE soft play and a crazy golf course.

Spot Puffins

Spot Puffins on Shell Beach. These beautiful birds aren’t shy and will take your breath away.

Shell Beach

Shell Beach is sandy and perfect for all ages.


Try kayaking from Shell Beach.

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Self-catering guernsey

Regardless of what kind of holiday you’re looking for Guernsey has it all. If you prefer to go self-catering in guernsey then our top 5 tips are:

  1. Choose the right accommodation for you. Do you want to be near a beach? Do you have kids and need some room? Have you got access to transport?
  2. Remember to pack essentials for the first night. While everything on Guernsey isn’t far away if you don’t know where you’re going then it makes your first night annoying. Pack food for the first day and anything else you think you’ll need so you can start exploring fresh the next day.

Remember to pack toilet roll, washing-up liquid, bin bags, washing powder, tea towels, and beach towels as many self-catering apartments don’t cover these bits.

  1. If you prefer to eat in then try and think of one-pot meals. We have a list of the best one-pot meals here.
  2. Make a plan of what you want to do each day so you can get out and go.
  3. Think of what you’re going to do in the evenings. Remember to bring any DVDs or consoles with you as there’s no entertainment at self-catering apartments.

Laura x

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Here are 41 things to do in Guernsey including visiting Herm Beach, taking a horse ride in Sark and watching the sun go down every night by Laura at

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