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Best warm places to visit in December

Just like no winter lasts forever, finding blissful cities to visit during the winter can be just as enjoyable as the devoted warm-weather destinations we commonly hear about.  Who says we can’t enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate at a luscious café or stroll through a dreamy European city during December. While there are endless cities to visit, here are a few favourites that are less commonly known but in need of recognition.

These are the best places to visit in December in Europe which include city breaks and holiday destinations.

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Where to go in December?

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Here are 7 of the best holiday locations in December. 

Athens, Greece

If you’re looking for some Mediterranean sun then Athens in Greece is for you. It’s still lovely and warm in December but expect a little rain or wind to bring down the temperature a bit.

The average temperature in December is Athens is around 15C and the sun doesn’t set normally in till 5pm. Enjoy the winter sunshine while enjoying all the history that Athens has to offer.

There’s loads to do in Athens including shopping throughout the city areas and sightseeing throughout the older parts of the city.

Both sides work in harmony. The huge mountains may seem daunting but they protect a wide range of Greek history from the amazing Acropolis Citadel to the Theatre of Dionysus and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

December is a great time to visit Athens. Snow normally falls on the mountains but nothing is going to stop you from exploring this great city on foot.

Barcelona, Spain

Known for its brilliant city breaks and last minute deals, Barcelona also has some beautiful beaches too. Leave the cold English weather behind and visit Playa de Mataro in Barcelona. It has golden sands and is a great place to watch the sun go down.

It’s not hot in December but does get up to 14 degrees with very little rainfall.

If you love walking along the beach then have a look at the Canary Islands too.

Berlin, Germany

You can grab some really cheap flights to Berlin throughout December. Enjoy the Christmas markets and hot mulled wine to feel really Christmassy.

Why not see in the New Year too in one of the best clubbing cities in Europe.

For live entertainment make sure you visit Brandenburg Gate for the live music and party vibe then head to Alexanderplatz to watch the fireworks.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn tops the list as a favorite destination during December. Known for its beautiful Christmas traditions, this city features many skilled artisans who create handmade crafts, traditional dishes, and luscious hot chocolate.  This medieval town also is an ideal place to find some classic historical buildings, a seaplane museum, art museum and you’ll not want to miss any of the many Christmas concerts performed throughout December.  Nevertheless, whether there are autumnal temperatures or it’s snowing, make sure to visit the market on town hall square as they sell everything from knitwear to traditional Estonian food.

Wroclaw, Poland

Known as Poland’s fourth-largest city, this eccentric city has a Christmas market that dates all the way back to the 16th century. The streets are filled with bright decorations, old town energy, ear-catching Christmas carols, and a stunning bountifully colored square that influences many cultures. One can expect to also discover a city full of events, history, and unique architecture.  While Wroclaw may not be a big name, this city will sure to be a top affordable, cozy spot.

Bratislava, Slovakia

The winter atmosphere of Bratislava will bring your Christmas spirit alive. Rich in culture and with Christmas markets, luscious food, decorations to delight your eyes, and a centrally located skating rink. The smiles on faces will be enough to enjoy the view from Old Town Hall or to catch some ballet, opera, or see many eye-catching exhibitions at the local art museum. Finally, you’ll want to relax and indulge yourself in the local parks and gardens, which even in winter are full of charm and magic.

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Rovaniemi, Lapland

Lastly, what visit winter visit to Europe wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Rovaniemi, Lapland. This quaint Christmas town will not only feather your fancies, but it’ll also spark every winter fantasy you could ever imagine, and you’ll think those fantasies have come to life.  This city is not only the official home of Santa Claus, but it is home to many interesting museums and amazing winter activates which are nestled amidst a charming winter landscape.  With natural parks, a science museum, and other unique adventures, this city is a Christmas dream come true.

Like always, please check the latest travel advice before you visit.

Laura x

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