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Glasses, passport, notepad and headphones

These are the perfect gifts for someone traveling abroad

Lots of us know or have a family member who loves to travel. What can you get them for a present or a Christmas gift? If they’re travelling a lot they likely don’t want heavy, bulky or to be carrying things they don’t really need. Let’s have a look at a few Xmas present ideas for travellers that they’ll actually use!

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Gifts for travel lovers

These are the best gifts for travel lovers that are beginner travellers. They may be looking to go abroad for the first time or need to a new item to make their trip even more memorable.


If you’re constantly on the move, travelling from one country to the next, do it with a little bit of style. An attractive and appealing bumbag can add a bit of glamour to the holiday and be really useful for holding a passport, money or keys. Pretty much anything vital really! We love these bumbags as they are really comfy to wear.*

Power Bank

You can never have too many power banks and a brand new one might be one of the most perfect of our Xmas present ideas. Make sue it is powerful enough to charge devices a number of times and fast charging itself too. We love this one as it’s charge more than one device and is small enough to carry around.*

Water Bottle

You can’t take liquids through airport security, but you can take an empty water bottle. Then all you need to do it fill it up on the other side. A luxurious water bottle with added filter to ensure your travelling friend is supping on the best water possible is a thoughtful Christmas present! We love these stainless steel bottles as they look great and slide into a side pocket easily.*


A new set of headphones is a great gift for the traveller in your life. Whether they use them to listen to music or watch films, they help provide the perfect escape from the noise of the journey on your travels. Noise cancelling headphones cost a little bit more but provide that silence of peace when babies are crying on your flight. Take your music with you as you relax and enjoy the best beaches in the world. We like these one’s as they may be basic but they give off a great sound and are comfy to wear.*

Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker is also a great addition to any travellers luggage. When they get to their destination, popping on their favourite music to relax to is a benefit. Let them enough the perfect soundtrack to those holiday vibes. We love this Bluetooth speaker as it gives off a great sound and is small enough to fit into a small pocket.*

Neck Pillow

You can buy inflatable neck pillows, but they don’t do much good. How about the most wonderful bit of luxury like the Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow? It will help keep your neck straight as you sleep on your flight or train, allowing you to avoid neck pain. It could be the best of all our Xmas present ideas! This is the best one we’ve found as it’s comfy and small enough to fit into our hand luggage.*

Head Torch

If your traveller loves wild camping or heading away into the wilderness, they need to be able to light up the dark. A brand new head torch could be the perfect gift. It provides light whilst keeping your hands free so you can read at night, look through your bag without waking everyone else up or find your way back to your tent. Try and buy one that is high powered and water resistant. We use these head torches that are easy to put on and off.*

Foldable Bag

Sometimes when you’re travelling you need an extra bag for carrying things you buy. Having a hardwearing and strong foldable bag within your backpack is a great idea. You can always use it to split your gear if you’re staying in the same place for a couple of nights and don’t want to take all your belongings with you. It can also be used as a laundry bag or to carrying your shopping! Have a look at these selection of cloth bags that work great for everything.*

Packing Cubes

Staying with the luggage theme, packing cubes are your ultimate friend. They weigh next to nothing and are perfect for keeping the contents of your main back organised. Know where everything is exactly when you need it. We love this huge pack of cubes as they come in a range of different sizes that are perfect for suitcases and backpacks.*

Travel Tripod

For those who are taking a camera with them on their travels, how about a travel tripod for their photography? They don’t have to be huge and can simply fit into your rucksack. Individually movable legs help the user create a level horizon in any situation so they can snap the perfect scene and even use the camera’s timer so they can get in the shot too! We love this lightweight tripod that can easily fit into your backpack or suitcase while on the go.*

Security Door Stop Alarm

Lost of us worry about our friends and loved ones when they go travelling. Especially if they are travelling solo! A security door stop is a great addition to your belongings. It adds that little bit of extra safety. Simply place under your door before you go to sleep and if anyone tries opening the door during the night, the alarm will be triggered, emitting a loud noise to attract attention and scare the potential intruder off. These can be bought for less than £10. We use these door stop ones that make a huge noise plus they fit in a backpack pocket really easily.*

Portable Luggage Scale

The final item on our list of Xmas present ideas is a portable luggage scale. They don’t weigh much themselves but are a great addition to your luggage. Different flight companies have different luggage allowances before you have to then pay more. Having a luggage scale with you lets you figure out what you’re going to be spending before you get to the airport. We love these digital luggage scales as they are so easy to use.*

Unusual gifts for travellers

These are the best unusual gifts for seasoned travellers or for friends who are travellers and have it all. Buy them something quirky and different that they will love!

Adventure Book

We love the idea of an adventure book that means the traveller in your life can print off their photos and put them in a memory book. There’s nothing like looking back at all the trips that make them smile.

We like this Adventure Book from Amazon. It comes with a lovely storage box to look after it and has eighty pages that can display whatever photos they want. Have a look at the Adventure Books we love here.*

Electronics Accessories Organizer Bag

If the traveller in your life loves technology then buying them an organizer bag that they can use to pack all their wires and chargers in is vital. It means that they can find the wires they need quickly and easily plus they are safe away from only water-based items in the suitcase. Have a look at our favorite Electronics Accessories Organizer Bag here.*

Scratch Travel Map

This is such a great idea for seasoned travellers that have everything. Scratch maps are a great way that they can display and mark off all the places they have been. You just lightly scratch the gold layer off to reveal the country underneath. Have a look at our favorite Scratch Travel Maps here.*

Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

If you’ve been too many a hotel, you’ll know how badly many are lit. Trying to do your make-up or have a shave is vital to feeling remotely normal while you are on holiday or travelling. We love a vanity mirror as it means you also have a mirror that you can use on the move that lights up correctly and in all the right places. Have a look at our favorite Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirrors here.*

Travel Organizer

You get these in many different shapes and sizes but they are great for wherever your friend is going. These organisers can keep everything together when in a hotel room or in a tent. Many of them hold your phone, watch, keys and wallet. Pretty much everything you need when you wake up in the morning. Have a look at our favorite Travel Organizers here.*

Travel Card Games

We all need games to keep us amused while travelling. These card games are fun and are made for at least two people. They are a great way to get people talking and getting to know each other too. Have a look at our favorite card games here.*

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Sleep Headphones

Sleep headphones are a great idea for travellers who struggle to sleep or who are travelling a lot. Most of them have a timer and are Bluetooth enabled that mean you can play music from your phone. These make a great face mask too. Have a look at our favorite sleep headphones here.*

Have lots of fun searching for gifts for your travelling friends.

Laura x

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These are the best gift ideas for travellers that everyone needs. We've included gifts that you may not have even thought of by Laura at Tweet Your Trip.

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