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Including first-time solo travel destinations

If you are thinking about travelling alone for the first time then that’s great! First time travelling can feel daunting and a little bit scary but if you embrace it, it really can offer you freedom like you’ve never felt before.

This is the ultimate guide for first time travelling and how to be yourself on your first solo trip away.

You may have a million questions right now like where should you go and will it be awkward to go on holiday solo?

Try and put those thoughts to one side for a minute and embrace the change. Don’t let your fear control you and dictate what you do with your life. There is no reason why you can’t have the most amazing trip abroad ever and come back a more independent and stronger person then you wee before.

To put your mind at ease, here are our best first-time travelling alone tips that will help you meet people while staying safe.

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First time solo travel destinations

The first thing to do is to decide where to go. Your first trip solo needs to be somewhere that you know that you’ll feel comfortable at.

If you like beaches then why not try Costa Rica which has loads of different activities to offer the solo traveler including hiking, cycling trails, kayaking, or even jungle ziplining. Another great place is Barbados with its white sand, warm light blue water, and friendly locals.

For city lovers, have a think about New York City with its metropolitan lifestyle that never sleeps. Grab a coffee at sunset while on top of the Empire State Building and watch the sun go down or walk through Central Park while enjoying the views of the Upper East Side. If you prefer Europe then make sure you have a look at Prague with its historic buildings and cobbled streets.

You could experience the world by cruise ship which gives you the chance to meet new people while hopping from country to country. Make new friends while seeing a new place every single day.

Choose a place that makes you feel comfortable with. It could be within your own country or a different one that speaks the same language as you. Having something in common can really help your first trip go without a hitch.

Think New Zealand if you are looking for an off-beaten path vibe or South America for history and bustling towns.

Flying alone for the first time

Flying solo can be scary but also really empowering. You have the power to go wherever you want.

If you choose to fly somewhere then our flight travel tips are:

Book through comparison sites

Once you’ve decided on where you are going, it’s time to book your flights. Make sure that you start with the price comparison sites as these can give you a good baseline of how much your flight will cost.

Our favourite price comparison sites are:

Skyscanner – Skyscanner is really easy to use. With no hidden costs or charges, they bring up the best flight prices for that day.

Kayak – Kayak can save you money by searching through all the cheap tickets and bringing you up only the best deals. It works great if you are looking for a last-minute flight.

Cheap Flights – You can search and compare flights really quickly here. They have partnered with loads of different flight companies to try and get you the best deal.

Travel Supermarket – This is a pretty stress-free website to use. They search all flights including economy and budget airlines to get you where you need to go at the price you want to pay. 

Remember when searching for flights to use the Incognito mode on your phone and laptop. Flight prices can go up and down when there is a high or low search volume so to keep the prices steady, use the private mode for the best and reliable deals.

Plan for everything

While booking your flight, check what time the plane will land and add an extra hour on top to get through passport control. Will this mean that you are leaving the airport in darkness? If so, it may be best to find an earlier flight. Finding somewhere in the daytime is a lot easier than in the dark, especially if this is a brand new country that you’ve never been to before.

Write down the name, address and telephone number of your hotel so that if you get lost or need a taxi you can give the details without having to search your phone or bag for them.

Try and book whatever you can in advance so that nothing is left to chance. This makes first-time travelling so much less stressful when everything is done and dusted.

If you are planning a road trip then make sure that you have your driving license and another form of ID on you. Do you know where the nearest petrol station is? What to do if you break down? Thinking of everything that could go wrong can help you to plan beforehand and ask the questions before you leave the safety of the airport. Know exactly where you are going and use your phone or Sat Nav to help guide you to your hotel. There’s nothing more stressful than having to drive around somewhere you don’t know!

Book your hotel

While it may seem freeing just up and leaving without a hotel booked, in reality, this can be quite daunting. Booking your hotel or hotels in advance can help take any stress away from your trip. Research the hotel first and read all the bad reviews so you know what to expect.

Try and pick a hotel that has a good reputation and great customer service in case you need any help.

To find really great hotels have a look at:

Trivago – You can compare worldwide hotel prices and see which one works best for you. What we like is that you can search by landmarks to find a hotel near it. – not only searches hotel prices but country homes and city flats too. This could give you a home from home feeling while you are on holiday.

Expedia – Expedia is pretty much your one stop shop for all things holiday. You can search for hotels, flights and package holidays and see which one suits you.

Meet people

try and go on as many organised trips as you can so you meet people. Some destinations like Thailand draw in solo travellers and backpackers to it’s easy to find others who are alone. The same goes for cruises really.

The more organised trips you go on the more chance you have of finding someone like you, who you connect with while learning a fun new skill. It’s really worth putting yourself out there to make new friends and do new things.

Safety comes first

None of us like to talk about it but it’s best to always think about your safety. Make sure that someone at home knows which hotel you are staying at. Let the reception staff know if you are going off the beaten track so that if the worst does happen, then someone knows where to start looking first.

If you are going to a middle east country as a female traveller then try and blend in and accept the culture of the country you are in.

Hide any expensive equipment that you may have and think before you act. Scammers are everywhere, like at home and if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

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Trust your instinct

If it feels wrong then it probably is. Listen to your instinct as it will keep you safe.

Laura x

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If you are travelling alone for the first time then these are the best tips for you to make sure that it goes as successfully as possible by Laura at Tweet Your Trip

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