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Lots of us like to head to the capital to take in the sights, enjoy the hustle and bustle of Notting Hill markets and perhaps take in a show. The train fare or however else you travel into London can cost quite a lot, as can accommodation. One thing that doesn’t have to cost the entirety of your bank account though is food. Let’s have a look at the best cheap restaurants in London where the food is phenomenal!

Lahore Kebah House

If you love a good Indian meal, head to Whitechapel where you can find amazing dishes for under £10! This place is often on the list of must try curry houses in the East End. Discover amazing meat on a stick and plenty of delicious street food. You can also bring your own booze which is great to wash it all down!

Din Tai Fung

Head to Covent Garden and discover the most amazing Taiwanese chain serving up dumplings and regional street food. It has a bit of a cult following does Din Tai Fung and you might face a bit of a queue. It’s worth the wait though. You might think that Chinatown has the best Asian food but this is a must. Golden prawn pancakes are incredible and that dish will set you back a tenner.


Green Papaya

If you’re a fan of Vietnamese, this Hackney establishment will sort your out good and proper. The staff are welcoming, the atmosphere is relaxed and the food is on point. Try the Pho soups, filled buns and amazing noodles. If you find yourself over in Hoxton, there’s a branch there too!

Joe Public

Next on our list of the best cheap restaurants in London is American inspired pizza! One of the best things to eat out and enjoy is pizza. Everyone loves pizza, right? P. I. Z. Z. A! And it’s even better when you step away from the well known high street franchises. Joe Public offers up amazing pizza from £4 a slice. Those slices are from massive 20″ pizzas so you’re getting an entire meal in a slice or two! Wash it down with an IPA and you’ve got all the makings of a hipster’s night out.

Sutton and Sons

It wouldn’t be the capital without best of British and you don’t have to be by the sea to enjoy amazing fish and chips. This upper class chippy takes their menu to the next level. Try the crab on toast! Coley and chips will cost less than £9 and there are plenty of options for vegans too. Plant based ideas include tofu and banana blossom. Enjoy a great meal at their Stokey plaice (!) whilst you can also find them in Islington and Hackney.


Young Vegans

Finishing our list of the best cheap restaurants in London is Young Vegans. It’s like a pie and mash shop has been leveled up in a video game. No meat on the menu at all, but plenty of plant based flavour! Pies for £7, amazing cheeseburgers too, all vegan! Discover them in Camden Market. Check out the desserts too, at under £3 a throw, have two!

Take your city break to the next level by looking off the beaten track and finding hidden gems serving up the best foods around! City life will never be the same and you’ll fall in love with new flavours and discover wonderful new worlds.